Health and Social Care

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Four out of five NHS national offices are based in Leeds, including NHS England. The sector employs over 196,000 people in health and science jobs, this makes Leeds City Region the UK’s leading centre for healthcare and innovation and an international leader in commissioning and delivering integrated health and social care services.

Ave. Salary

33% male
77% female

67% educated to degree level

3,310 apprenticeships

6% predicted increase in jobs by 2024

114,000 people working in health and social care jobs

Top skills

Organisational skills

Useful subjects

Health & Social Care

Most in demand jobs

Operating department practitioner (ODP)
Registered Nurse
Personal care assistant
Support worker
Auxiliary Nurse
Social worker
Registered Mental Health Nurse
Nurse practitioner

Clinical scientist

Clinical scientists research and develop techniques and equipment to help prevent, diagnose and treat illness. The national average salary for this job is £26,250 - £99,500 per year.


Surgeons consult with patients and explain the procedure before performing the operation. Depending on experience, the national average salary for this job is £26,350 - £102,500.

Care Worker

A Care Worker supports people who need a bit of extra help to manage their daily activities such as washing, feeding, travel, laundry, or shopping. Depending on experience, the national average salary for this job is £12,500 - £25,000 per year.

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