What’s next after you leave school or college?

Not everyone is sure about what they want to do when they leave school or college. That’s ok, you’re not alone. It can be quite daunting understanding all your options and figuring out what’s the right path for you. To help you decide on the right career or training path for you, why not explore the options below?

Make the most of the support available to you

You don’t have to make big life decisions on your own. Get one-to-one advice from people who know all about careers, training opportunities or education. They can answer any questions you may have and help you really understand your options.

One-to-one support on local job or training opportunities with The Employment Hub

Careers advice via live chat with National Careers Service. Call the Exam Results Helpline on 0800 100 900 for support in planning your next steps.

General advice about your personal situation via live chat with The Prince’s Trust

Feel inspired about your next steps

When leaving school or college, some people know exactly what their career path is and some people aren’t sure yet. Whatever stage you are at, it’s useful to hear other people’s career stories, practice writing a C.V or even practice mock interviews. It will all help you to feel prepared for your next steps.

Take the Buzz quiz to find out what you like and what you could do as a career

Complete our Remote activities to test your skills and create a career action plan

Watch videos from real local people about their career journeys