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More employers than ever are looking for people with digital skills, some paying £40,000 a year for a digital role. In fact, there were 41,000 digital job vacancies advertised in your area just last year.

You could be a VR Games Designer, a Web Content Manager, a Drone Pilot, a Social Media Strategist or a Cyber Security Analyst and much more.

Some skills that are useful for a digital role are: thinking creatively, problem solving, communicating, IT, design, and good attention to detail. Do you have some of these already?

Social media managers communicate with organisations’ customers and clients through social media channels. They often analyse data and trends using platforms such as google analytics. A social media manager could earn up to £36,920 per year.
A drone pilot remotely operates aircraft, which holds a camera and can be used in work such as surveying, film making and aerial photography. They can earn up to £33,800 per year.
A forensic computer analysts is responsible for investigating computer-based crime (cyber crime) and they can earn up to £37,440 a year.

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For some jobs you may need more qualifications than you’ve already got so an apprenticeship or college or university course will help you get the skills, qualifications and training you need to start your career.

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