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It’s expected that in your local area, construction projects will be worth over £13 billion. That means lots of job opportunities and you could earn £37,000 a year, if not more.

Not all construction jobs are based on site, some roles may require you to work in an office or even at home, especially if you are involved in planning or designing, rather than a practical role. Construction roles include: Wind Turbine Technician, Quantity Surveyor, Civil Engineer, Programme Manager, Architect, Land Surveyor and much more.

Here are some skills that you may need: practical and technical skills, good attention to detail, ability to work at height, safety aware, good at working as part of a team, ability to read drawings or plans, good at problem solving and ability to communicate well.

A Construction Labourer is responsible for assisting the team. This may include: preparing the site at the start of the day, concreting, road working, formworking or steel fixing. The national average salary for this job is £24,000 a year.
Construction managers organise and manage construction projects, making sure it's completed on time and within budget and as smoothly and safely as possible. The national average salary for this job is £27,000 - £70,000 a year.
Quantity Surveyors calculate the amount of materials needed for construction of infrastructure such as buildings, roads, train stations and much more. The national average salary is £44,000 a year.

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£5 billion is planned to be spent on the new High Speed Rail Line (HS2) which could generate up to 28,000 construction jobs for people just like you?

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